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Viruses are programs that replicate themselves and cause damage to your
computer. People get computer viruses by downloading files from a source
which is not safe. Most people get viruses by using file sharing software or
opening that mysterious email. Another way of getting a virus is opening a
insecure web browser.

Here are some tips to prevent viruses.

Always use a anti virus software and keep it up to date. Most people don't
even realize that anti virus software is as good as the definitions you
download. All good anti virus software requires the user to keep the virus
definitions up to date, most anti virus software uses a automated process
and it is important that you check the status of your updates before you
start to surf the web or check email. Users that turn off their computer for
long periods of time it is especially important to update software upon
turning the computer on. If your anti virus software is expired and you
can't renew it try downloading AVG free edition or Avast anti virus. Both
Avast and AVG are very good anti virus software and are free to use for
home users.

Microsoft users should make sure that you have all critical updates installed
on your PC. Most people that have infected computers are usually missing
critical security updates from Microsoft, I usually install Microsoft update
and set to automatically update. Updating a windows machine is easy, on
most windows machines you would click start then click programs and
windows update is usually at the top of the programs menu. DO NOT
very important, lots of people render their computer unbootable because
they applied a Microsoft update to a infected machine.

Do not open email from a questionable source. Only open email from people
in your contact list and keep away from attachments that you do not
expect. If you get an attachment in a email, try calling the sender to make
sure that the attachment is legitimate. Don't open email that's been
forwarded to nearly everyone in the senders contact list (call first). Do not
use file sharing programs. Not only is sharing; software, music and other
media illegal, you don't know what you're getting from that strangers

Finally use a secure web browser like :IE7, Opera or Firefox.
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