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IPIT technicians cans install and configure all types
of hardware.

Benefits of Hardware Installation services:
• A solution to meet your needs
• Continuity with minimal disruption of
business operations
• High-quality setup, configuration and
deployment by certified technicians
• Improved system reliability and performance
• Quick turnaround to get equipment up and
running without diverting internal resources

Standard services include:
• Unpacking of equipment
• Connection of power cords and
networking cables
• Initial power-on tests to ensure equipment
is functioning
• Installation of various hardware components
• Integration with existing network and systems

Basic Software Installation Services
Is your organization preparing a software rollout?
Do you need assistance deploying and configuring
software on multiple systems across your

Software Installation, a IPIT Technology Service,
makes the process as hassle-free as possible for
your organization. Services can cover installation
and configuration of new off-the-shelf software
programs including productivity solutions, utilities,
operating systems, antivirus and security
programs and many others.

By leveraging the expertise of IPIT Technology
Services, you can ensure your organization will
get the most out of your software investment by
deploying the software licenses you have
purchased and configured to optimize the way
your organization works.
hardware and software installations
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